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16 December 2010

Its Time To Make Time...

I don't understand how someone is who currently unemployed (uh me) does not have time to post on this blog. And when I do have some time its when I'm back in Chicago visiting. Regardless, we're about to end this year I will realistically say it will not be my 2011 New Year's resolution to post daily to this blog. It is my hope by saying that I will do the opposite :) I think if I schedule it I could post once a week.

Now is a time to recap the year just to make up for not doing this entire year. We're all doing well health-wise... sure some of us could lose a few pounds, but overall we're good. The mission we have been pastoring in Playas de Tijuana is going very well. As many of us know, a church has a revolving door. Lots of people can easily come in just as easily as they can go out. I want to say that we have a very strong group of members. Very dedicated people who really have the desire to see the church grow. That's always a plus! But there are some who find the task to be extremely daunting. To sum it up... it is a lot of work. Many times we all spread ourselves thin working in different ministries. Using myself as an example, I am needed to work with the music (singing, selecting songs, setting up practices), cook, teach, counsel, cleanup and misc. office duties. Most importantly be there when the Pastor needs me (my hubby). But I know in the end its for the greater good.

The kiddo is doing very well in school. I'm grateful for his wonderful teacher who has so much patience. I'm proud of his accomplishments and I'm also proud to know he's got some wonderful singing and musical talent. You should hear him play Jolly Old Saint Nicholas on a recorder ;).

As far as immigration goes...our attorney has filed an Advisory Opinion on behalf of Eduardo. We received a draft and it was very well written and of course we're optimistic. We don't expect a response for at least a year but once we do I will inform everyone.

We're also moving to a smaller apartment this year. We made the deposit and we're schedule to move in January 1st. Hopefully we're not too exhausted after the New Year's festivities!



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